End of Line Automation

Fault Marker Device

Defect Flagging Device, Fabric Flagger, Web Material Defect Marker

This device allows to automatically apply an adhesive sticker on the side of web materials, before they are winded into rolls.

Typically the sticker will be adhesive only in a portion of its surface, so that the part hanging outside the roll (“flag”) won’t carry any glue;

results are shown in the pictures below, showing plain material and roll with flags outside.
A common application in fabric quality inspection or paper, when a defect is detected, or when a certain position have to be tagged, it is only required to activate the device, and the sticker will be automatically placed in a precise and reliable way, at any speed.

The fault marker automatically follows the edge of the web material, so to compensate any misalignment or width change, and allows many regulations for allow its use with differnet lables and materials.
It is customisable on demand.

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