Invisible Ink And Detection System

InvInk is a system based on a fluid that is invisible to unaided human eye but automatically readable / detectable with the dedicated laser sensor; can also be seen with a dedicated viewer.

The system is made up by two basic elements: the infrared ink, that is absolutely invisible, and its detecting device ( automatic reader ); this systems allows the creation of machine detectable marks, and has a lot of possible applications, as shown below.

A few more info and explanations

In order to better understand our system for creating invisible tags and detecting them automatically, we can consider a similar system made with “traditional” means, for example using adhesive reflective labels as a tag, instead of infrared ink spots, and common photocells for the detection instead of the laser sensors.

The possibilities offered by the two systems seems the same…. But adhesive labels are difficult to stick on moving materials ( while the ink can be sprayed succesfully at any speed), they could easily detach after sticking and even cause problems or malfunctions on the machinery.

Adhesive labels could be incompatibile with the various working processes, could damage the material surface with their glue, could be unwanted from the buyers of the material; surely they require a frequency of roll change tenth of times higher than invisible ink refill… And those are only some of the possible “plus” of the system for invisible marking and automatic detection.

The main strength points of our InvInk system are the following:

- High reliability: our InvInk system works perfectly both on the side of creation of the invisible references, that is made by a spray systems controlled by a microprocessor, and for what concern the spots automatic detection, always reliable and possible at any speed ( we have installed mark and detect systems up to 350 mt/min, and we tested them in our laboratory at more than 500 mt/ min speed ).

– The entire system is made up with high quality components and in maintenance free.

- Immunity to electrical noise and false readings: the InvInk system can be used almost in any environment, tank to its mechanical resistance and the high noise immunity of the optoelectronic detecting system.

- No side effects the production process: the infrared ink with which the reference spots are created is completely invisible, so it don’t change at all the appearance of the material on which it is sprayed. The invisible ink is water based ( also available in alcohol based version for particolar applications ), it is not toxic at all, it is stable and it doesnt’t react with other substances.

- Flexible and configurable: The system for invisible tagging and automatic detect, in its standard configuration, allows many simple regulations to modify the spot size and shape and the amount of ink used for each spot .

- InvInk is a customized system: in most cases we supply our invisible marking system to OEMs, that integrates it into their own solutions / systems / plants : the system is customised according to customer requirements, and all aspects of the solution ( pressurised tank, invisible ink type, spraying heads, control software in the MiniPLC, type and duration of digital signal from the sensor…). This is not only a possibility that we offer to our customers, but really our standard way of working, in an attempt to supply not only products but solutions.


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